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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Austin Dominatrix - Latex Goddess - Mistress Scarlet Vexus
Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus |  Fetish BDSM & Kink | Bathory


The evilest of evil.  Bathory always despised such a dammed name. Bathory comes from a universe far ahead in human innovation and advancement than ours so much that the capabilities of humans in that universe have the illusion of looking like witchcraft to us.  There concepts in this universe of what is good is a lot different from our resulting in a truly evil to us cunning escapee.  She reaps terror on the facility and seems to do it just for the joy of it.  She kidnapped bait personell and she has teamed up with finding allying and warping the other escappes to help her on a eleborate plan to escape and take of earth.  With her powers added with her psychological antics she truly reaps terror.  At the faciliatly the lead scientist consider's her truly Vexus's shadow.

She turned bait personal to her agenda many times and has even had the ability to create the illusion of being other escappes.  She continuiously twarts capture and going back to her universe.

The Creation
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