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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Austin Dominatrix - Latex Goddess - Mistress Scarlet Vexus


I don't need to hear anymore about my copycat or that individual's internal prejudices

I'm am dealing with a persons stalking and harassment expressing racial biases against me who has been also duplicating, plagiarizing, and repurposing my work. While I appreciate discernment, I kindly ask individuals to discontinue informing me of the matter.  I have discussed the topic further here

"She brings out her improper thoughts through her hands in illustration.  Than feels compelled to engage in such atrocities as to build and make those abominations in real life." - a quote from one of my graphic novels


I originally became interested in BDSM because I drew things I liked in place of porn in the forms of stories I created and illustrated.  I decided to honor those origins through incorporating it into my sessions and doing something  innovative and new. The passion and skill I put into this is unrepplicable.  I decided to take the leap to invent something unusual and keep to my values of originality and authenticity and being a leader in innovative ideas within my domination. 

The Escapee's

Below are bios on some of the multidemensional escapees.  Limited ones appear, dissapear and reappear depending on the whims of where I take my interests or at certain times of the year.  Click on any image to begin your journey.

If you're on mobile click here to begin viewing as my animation here will be small in mobile format.

Meet The Researcher

Various locations of my femdom comics and  illustrations brought in multiple dungeon spaces.

Austin Mistress Called Scarlet Vexus
austin dominatrix mistress scarlet vexus
Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus' Creative Work

The boring legal stuff.

No one likes phishers. Every artist deserves respect for their work and skill - including Dommes. Not just in regards to me but for any fellow artist's work. Please bare in mind the following. I don't consent to use of my work outside this website or copies of my work without permission and credit.  For writers I kindly ask to be aware and refrain from patchwriting and/or copy and pasting .  My legal team is paid to moniter for stolen work and this can uncomfortably result in legal, financial repercussions and forced removal of content. 

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